Think. Create. Execute. Our approach, kind of like farming, appears pretty straightforward on the surface: Develop clear strategy, generate big ideas, and then get things done. Also, like farming, it’s easier said then done. Each of these disciplines is unique and difficult to master. And all are necessary for success.
Obviously, creative is essential to any agency. In fact, creative usually runs the agency. Not here; in our shop thinking runs the agency. With the direct involvement of our founders and insight from our affiliate, Blacksheep Strategy Inc., we help clients develop strategy based on market reality.
Creative is the magic that converts the thinking into something customers will look at, care about, and act upon. The BIG idea, creatively expressed, changes attitudes and behaviour. Creatively speaking, we pursue truth, beauty, and brutal simplicity.
Execution ensures that the message gets to the farmer in an orderly manner. Without the ability to execute, smart thinking and big ideas wouldn't amount to much. In our observation, many misfires between the client and agency stem from faulty account management, so we place high priority on this often undervalued function.

At CouplandJeffrey we aspire to work with the most sophisticated organizations in agriculture that are truly focused on their customers. Tell us about your business and we'll show you how we can help.